Proyecto Comenius en Vinkovci

El equipo Comenius que viajó a Croacia ha preparado esta crónica de su experiencia, que así comienza:

Spanish team started the adventure on Saturday 20th. We travelled to Madrid and we slept there. On Saturday we travelled to London and we spent seven hours in the airport because the flight was deleted. Luckily, we walked on London’s floor to catch the next flight to Zagreb (Croatria’s capital). We arrived at night and we travelled during 4 hours to Vinkovci. While we were coming wgmaile were nervous and anxious. The train stopped in the station. We closed our eyes and held our breaths waiting for the emotion of meeting our hosts. We get off the train and a group of girls started to run towards us. We couldn’t see anything, just feeling. We felt huges, emotions and this was the moment when we forgot our language and we started to speak in english.


El documento completo en este enlace

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