Actividades Comenius. Primer encuentro: Tavira, 10-15 noviembre



We were 8 of us, travelling to Portugal to spend six days and five nights at Tavira, to share different languages, different customs and taste the delicious meals Portuguese people cooked for us.

We spent most part of the first day either on the coach or at Seville station. We took our sandwiches near the riverside speaking and excited before our next coming experience, waiting for the coach which would take us to Tavira.

At our arrival at Tavira there was nobody there yet, but in less than five minutes all Portuguese students and part of their families were receiving us with a mixture of worry and a smile drawn on their faces. The first minutes were a little cold- Spanish students on the right – Portuguese students on the left like cowboys or cowgirls opposite each other. Then Edite Azevedo arrived and broke the ice with her wide smile and her warm kisses for everybody. From that moment on everything was nearly easy.

Families took students to their homes, teachers were taken to our hotel where we met the members of some of the other delegations. After our first dinner I couldn’t say we became old friends but there was a kind of complicity and confidence that made us really enjoy the rest of our stay at Tavira. On the second day we met the rest of delegations and we had the welcome meeting. Students from the different countries were still curious, wondering what everything would be like.

It was just a short time. In few minutes all of them knew everything would be great, as it really was.

Thanks Tavira

Gracia Serrano

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